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Bonneville Archives

Previous ventures to the Salt Flats

(see the Bonneville Blog for more details about each trip)


Bonneville 2013

Rain again! Fortunately, they cancelled the event before we already drove all the way out there....)

Bonneville 2012

Bonneville 2012

bonneville stickers 2012

The red behemoth went 212.959 mph, making it the fastest Ducati in America and getting closer to the world record for this class! The drag bike went 172.218 mph, beating the current record, but we weren't able to back it up that time around (needs to run over the standing record two times in a row to make it official). Next time we'll solidify it!

Bonneville 2011


Sadly, this year was rained out.... It started raining just as they arrived, and they mananged to get out of the flats before the trailer was bogged down in soggy salt.

Bonneville 2010

2010 stickers from bonneville

Bonneville 2009
Bonneville 2007

(more images coming soon)




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