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Gift Ideas

Trying to think of a good gift for a motophile?

Gift certificates for Motorcycle Performance!

You could give them a certificate covering the cost of an oil change, basic maintenance service on their bike,
or any level of fantasy indulgence
(hey, go totally crazy with a full custom paint job!).


Custom Vinyl decals for windows, stickers, design projects, etc. Words and images!
See our Vinyl page for more details


A hand-drawn rendering of your own bike done in ink, graphite, paper cutout or charcoal.
Send in a picture of the bike and specify which style you would like.
(Charcoal and graphite renderings will be sealed with a fixitive, and will be faintly smelly for the first week or so)




Pen Line Drawing Paper Cutout Image coming soon
Loose, gestural sketch
pencil or pen
More refined rendering
Image cut out from paper, overlaid on a dark background Charcoal rendering with background

S $15
M $25
L $35
C $45

S $20
M $30
L $35
C $50

S $20
M $30
L $35
C $50
S $35
M $40
L $50
C $60


small medium large colossal
6x8" 8x12" 12x18" 20x30"
~15x20 cm ~20x30 cm ~30x46 cm ~51x76 cm


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