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Bonneville Projects

Salty Dogs Blog

Read about the bikes, our adventures thus far, and work in progress for the next trip to the salt flats
(because there will always be a next trip!)

Fundraising Progress

Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping us make this goal a reality! It has been a long wait due to constantly getting rained out of the salt flats, but it has been worth it in the end. We're glad you stuck around to see it through.

Keep an eye on our blog for updates in future bike modifications and testing.

Thanks again!

It's truly unlike any other place on earth. Once you're there, it gets into your bones and you have to return.


Bonneville Ducati 999

Ducati 999 - 9595B

The first bike made for the salt - it has undergone several transformations as we test it on the salt.
We were the first Ducati to go over 200 mph at Bonneville, and the first to go over 210.
This year it went 212.959 on the second pass, but the bodywork needs modification for next year (it's not quite tall enough to direct air up and over the rider, so there are 200 mph winds pushing the rider's head back... not so comfortable!) Also known as "the red bike" and "MegaDuc(k)"

Wheelbase: 98" (street bikes are normally 54") Motor: 2005 Ducati 999
Rear Wheel Horsepower: 305 (stock is 119) Weight: 645 lbs (stock is 425)
Top Speed (to date): 212.959 mph

Speed Progress for the Ducati 999
2007 159.567 mph
2009 195.655 mph
2010 205.089 mph
2011 RAIN
2012 212.959 mph
2013 RAIN
2014 RAIN
2015 RAIN
2016 RAIN
2017 177.987 mph
  (on terrible salt no less!)

2017 trip to Bonneville was to a different event with different records,
and both bikes set new records in their classes!

First Ducati over 200 mph at Bonneville
First Ducati over 210 mph at Bonneville

Bonneville and Dragracing Ducati 749

Ducati 749 - 3103/9590B
(3103 is the dragracing number, 9590B is the Bonneville number)

This bike runs on both the salt and the dragstrip - it has run at Byron and Valdosta, and took its first trip to Bonneville this year. (well, the first trip where it actually got to run... see the sad soggy story of Bonneville 2011).
It was originally built as a mule to test the 999 engine in the shorter context of the dragstrip and has developed a personality all its own, which is usually how these things tend to go. The bodywork colors pay hommage both to an old drag racing bike of ours that was a deep burgundy, and the gorgeous orange stripe of the 911 car (Crew Chief: John Beck, driven by Dave Davidson). Also known as "the fueler" and "MiniDuc(k)"
This bike is the first naturally aspirated Ducati in the 8's in America!

Wheelbase: 64" (street bikes are normally 54") Motor: 2005 Ducati 749
Rear Wheel Horsepower: 200 Weight: 380 lbs
Top Speed (to date): 172.218 mph
didn't offically back it up for the Bonneville record book... yet!
Best e.t. 8.73 @152.81 mph (Valdosta GA 2012)

E.T. Progress for the Ducati 749
Oct 2011 Byron 10.97 @ 132.84 mph
  9.76 @ 137.68 mph
Nov 2011 Valdosta 9.21 @ 140.28 mph
Aug 2012 Byron 8.92 @ 147.34 mph
Oct 2012 Bonneville 172.218 mph
Nov 2012 Valdosta 8.73 @ 152.81 mph
2013 Bonneville RAIN
2014 Byron 8.08 @ 170.92 mph
2014 Bonneville RAIN
2015 Bonneville RAIN
2016 Bonneville RAIN
2017 Bonneville 169.426 mph
  Rider: Nicholas Moore

2017 trip to Bonneville was to a different event with different records,
and both bikes set new records in their classes!

Congratulations to the whole team!

Previous Trips to Bonneville


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