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Winter Storage
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Winter Storage

  1. Fill the gas tank with NON-ETHANOL FUEL and add Gasoline Stabilizer (STA-BIL) as per recommendations. Filling the tank reduces the formation of condensation and explosive gas vapors. NOTE: IF THE BIKE IS TO BE STORED IN AN AREA OF OPEN FLAMES OR SPARKS (e.g. basement or heated garage, etc) REMOVE THE TANK AND STORE IN A SAFE PLACE.

  2. Drain the carburetors.

  3. Be certain the tires are inflated to the proper pressures.

  4. It is a good idea to change the oil and filter just before storage so as not to have acids and other contaminants sit in the motor.

  5. A good coat of wax on the paint and chrome is a good idea, but always buff the wax or polish before putting the bike away, because some waxes will not come off if left on the finish.

  6. If the bike is to be kept in a place that may freeze, remove the battery being careful to follow the proper procedure to avoid causing sparks by shorting the cables or terminals. Store the battery in a cool, dry place.  Check the water level (except in maintenance-free batteries) and top up with distilled water.  We recommend the use of a Battery Tender to avoid sulfation caused by inactivity. 

  7. Alkaline damage from storage in a damp area or on gravel or concrete can be avoided by covering the ground under the bike with cardboard, plywood or carpet. 

  8. If the bike is to be stored in a damp area or outside, remove the spark plugs and put two squirts of oil into each cylinder or fog the motor using a commercial fogging agent. When turning the motor over after oiling it, be certain the plugs are in the wires and grounded and watch for gas leaks that the sparks could ignite. 

  9. Put the bike securely on the stand and cover it.

(check your owner’s manual as well) 

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